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I was born in another world....

strictly connected to a piece of my mind

23 April 1984
Bit about me:
  • I'm Hungarian studying in the UK
  • I was born in 1984, in a little Hungarian city next to the Romanian border. Even though I lived in Eastern Europe I haven't met any vampires in my life, the sun occasionally shines, women have equal rights and we don't have public hangings on crowded marketplaces. Sorry to disappoint.
  • I'm very much patriotic and I like to demonstrate it in my posts. :D But I'm passionate about my country, my family, my friends.
  • I'm a big football fan.
  • Liv Ullmann is a Goddess.
  • Music is love. I occasionally make music entries, and try to focus on lesser known artists and not so popular styles, such as pagan folk, Norwegian metal, bands from Eastern Europe. My music recommendation journal: remekzene.
  • I love making friends. If you feel like adding me, just comment somewhere in my journal, so I can add you back, as I hardly check my profile. ;)


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